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i listened to showbiz today whilst I was putting my make up on and the amount of black eyeliner i put on went up by about 150%

#muse  #showbiz  

my ribs are bruised so it hurts to move and something has happened to my neck its times like this i wish i was into ballet or some calming shit where i can sit down and not get beaten up for 3 hours


if muse dont release this stadium tour on dvd i’m calling the cops


help me i am beaten to shit i did not eat or drink anything all day, i accidentally ended up in the middle of a vicious fight during bliss, mosh pits just kept forming around me, i went down about 3 times then i had to wait an hour for a train home, which in turn took an hour to get home and i had to stand the whole way back and almost fainted whilst my leg went into spasm 

but muse 

I took this photo and I cannot stop laughing matt u ok?

fun story: i sometimes take anti-histamines which make me sleepy when i drink. i fell asleep really early when i was with a load of friends once, and in an attempt to wake me up, they started playing muse. the next day they told me that when it started playing my breathing got crazily heavy and they felt my pulse and it was racing. how did i get to this point in life when they arouse me when i’m unconscious 

i genuinely cannot figure what to do with my life after watching that video



why are people even embarrassed this video is going to be a blessing and you know it


you know what i have youtube on my ps3 so its like really huge and loud on my tv and i just watched bizarre followed by videos from the 2nd law tour and omg i am choking on tears