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you know what i have youtube on my ps3 so its like really huge and loud on my tv and i just watched bizarre followed by videos from the 2nd law tour and omg i am choking on tears

my mum shouts at me every time i wear this 

is this even necessary mat

is it


i am so done with this band what do you think you’re doing going on the tube and snapping pics like 13 year old tourists please stop it you’re hurting me i never asked for this


is anyone else getting the error message with their presale code?

why is it always me.

this is always so scary. wish me luck everyone 

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anyone who writes off Unsustainable as just another piece of computer generated dubstep needs to watch this video then go and re-think their life choices

whenever i listen to microcuts i can literally feel all my flat mates thinking i’m possessed by satan


i love it when i watch muse at the itunes fest because i can see my shortarse self and my tiny gimpy hands in the air



BBC Radio 2__31/10/2012

dom let me be ur wife

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